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Author: Sgt.brian david, 47 y.o., San Jose, USA

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Free singles dating site Gimeney.Net photo (#663420) of Sgt.brian david, 47 y.o., San Jose, USA

I enjoy meeting new people and like to do pretty much anything. I must have quality time at the beach though and enjoy being on the slopes, motorcycle riding, mountain biking, camping, traveling and snuggling on the sofa watching movies just to spend quality time with my girl. I love watching and playing sports, but watching soccer is my favorite. I will try anything once. I enjoy taking my date for a romantic dinner for good food, great wine and to share his favorite dessert. I love especially love italian and mexican foods. I consider myself to be an open-minded, straight forward and intelligent, and down-to-earth person but I guess I'm also the kind of old school type. I am also a passionate, romantic, caring, giving and a responsible woman who knows how to treat a man with respect. Spirituality and personal growth are a big part of my life and are very important to me.

I am looking for that special woman that will enjoy being with me as much as I enjoy being with her. She is a nice, unpretentious, and compassionate girl with good values. She knows how to handle herself in all situations with self confidence and also be an independent woman. She is a good communicator who knows what she wants and can communicate those desires effectively. She does not have to have supermodel looks or body because she is comfortable with who she is, as she is. That is what makes her beautiful. I believe in faith and think that there is a plan for all of us set in motion by the higher source (god for me, but whatever you call him, that\'s okay too). I\'m looking for a companion, for long term relationship, not a one night stand or on-line games. So if that is what you are in to, please skip me by.

Free singles dating site Gimeney.Net photo (#663420) of Sgt.brian david, 47 y.o., , USA
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